Our TOP routes for kayaking in Vilnius

River Neris

Neris is the second largest river in Lithuania. It's perfect for quiet kayaking and probably the best way to explore Vilnius city.

Night kayaking

Kayaking when city lights are on is very exotic and romantic. Our team suggest this rout for couples, but it is also suitable for relax after hard day. Night kayaking trips are available from 8 pm.


Vilnelė (or Vilnia) is more extreme than Neris river and it's perfect for adventure seekers. We do not recommend choose this route for newbies, especially if there is no experienced kayaker with you.

Kayak rental prices in Vilnius

Prices depends on route:

  • River Neris

    Price for one person - 10 Euro
  • River Vilnelė

    Price for one person - 12 Euro
  • Night trip in Neris

    Price for one person - 12 Euro
  • Included kayak rental, oars, lifejacket and transporting.

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